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We are pleased to have partnered with GRIFFIN Military and Diplomatic to provide some fantastic HONDA car savings to those who work for the Police, Fire Service, NHS, the Military or Civil Service.  These are exclusive offers for those eligible for the scheme and are not available to the general public.

Am I eligible?

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  • Service & Retired Civil Servants

  • Service & Retired Public Servants

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  • Serving Military personnel:  Tri services (Army, Royal Navy & RAF)

  • MOD Employees:  Those working for and paid by the MOD itself.

  • Tri-Service & MOD Veterans:  those having served their Queen & Country

  • DDS Card Holders:  members of the Defence Discount Service

  • Reservists: Tri Service reservists, or cadet forces

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  • Serving and Retired Police Officers

  • Serving and Retired Fire Fighters

  • Serving and Retired Paramedics

  • NHS Registered Doctors & Nurses

  • Serving and Retired Prison Officers

  • Serving Community Support Officers

  • RNLI Volunteers: RNLI members are eligible for a DDS card

What discount is available? 

We are awaiting the current price list - please contact our showroom for more information.

The DDS & Blue Light Card Car Programme is run by Griffin Military & Diplomatic and is strictly monitored. Proofs of service will be required prior to ordering or delivery.  The offer can be removed by ASH Honda at any time, at their discretion.  Terms and conditions and exclusions apply, please ask for details.

What next?

Contact us here at ASH HONDA and we will be happy to help you!